• ARTIVIEW 3 Contouring

    Comprehensive ■ Efficient ■ Simple ■ Affordable

    Standalone solution for contouring, allowing the user to perform all routine operations thanks to modern and easy-to-use tools. Designed to be taken care of quickly and to fit in your workflow.
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    Platform of web solutions developed for radiotherapy. Share Place includes a platform for facilitation of clinical trials, a data exchange platform for workshops and courses, and a platform for exchange of medical data of all kinds.


    For medical imaging and radiotherapy, ARTISCAN software controls the accuracy and performance of your devices. This is the first comprehensive software solution for internal quality control automatically.


    Accurate and fast, ARTISTRUCT is the first software for the evaluation of contours, based on objective and clinically relevant criteria. Used in contouring workshops and in clinical cases studies, ARTISTRUCT has become a software of reference.


Quality assurance and evaluation software
for medical imaging and radiotherapy

AQUILAB provides healthcare centers with software solutions needed for internal quality assurance of
your medical devices and for the optimized treatment of your patients.

When health is at stake, only count the quality and the accuracy.