The first comprehensive software solution for automated quality assurance for medical imaging and radiotherapy

Medical imaging quality has now become a key factor in pertinent diagnosis and therapeutic decision-making by your medical teams.

As an independent and automated solution, fully integrated into your environment, ARTISCAN helps to ensure constant performance for each of your medical devices and enables you to optimize your imaging protocols.

ARTISCAN is now the software solution of reference for QA of equipment in Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine and Radiology.

Fully integrated and automated internal Quality Assurance

ARTISCAN directly handles the DICOM and DICOM RT files generated by your imaging and radiotherapy equipment.

With precision and consistency, ARTISCAN automatically analyses the test object images generated by your imaging systems:

  • easy configuration of a wide range of analysis and tolerance settings,
  • automatic equipment and image recognition,
  • powerful and automatic scientific analysis tools,
  • an alert system for non-compliant items,
  • etc.

Rapid and accurate quality assurance.
Automated image processing saves you time and provides an objective analysis of your results.

Fully compatible with your existing and future equipment

ARTISCAN is compatible with major QA phantoms and equipments to ensure independent, single-source quality control of even the most heterogeneous and complex technical facilities.

Module-based upgradeability to meet your needs.
A module for each phantom and each device, ARTISCAN software adapts perfectly to updated and upgraded configuration of your technical facilities.

All types of equipment, all types of independent QA phantoms and test objects provided by imaging and radiotherapy manufacturers.

Full traceability of results

ARTISCAN archives every parameter from all equipment in a central database, thus facilitating the analysis of performance evolution over time and optimizing equipment tracking.

Analysis reports, status graphs and images can be generated and printed at any time.
On-site installation, training and support
Adopted by dozens of medical teams, ARTISCAN is an easy-to-use solution with full support of our team:

  • on-site training in the use of phantoms and software
  • user-friendly interface and presentation,
  • network and modular solution to meet your needs as closely as possible,
  • online and telephone support.