MRI QA software


Experts QA modules:

Modules for automatic image analysis of phantoms provided by manufacturers for image’s quality assurance.

  • GE Healthcare: DQA3 Phantom
  • Philips Healthcare: 200mm Performance Phantom

Advanced QA modules:

Modules for automatic image analysis for advanced image’s quality assurance.

  • Data Spectrum Corporation MRI/DLX-1 & MRI/DLX-P
  • Spin Safety BASIC MRI
  • Phantom Laboratory MAGPHAN® SMR170

Measured parameters:


  • Noise, SNR, Uniformity
  • Global geometric distortion
  • Local geometric distortion
  • Slice thickness and profile
  • High and low contrast resolution
  • Spatial resolution
  • Dynamique scale
  • Ghosting…

The parameters calculated are phantom dependent.
Modules are regularly developped for new phantoms (please contact us for the last updated list).