Multileafs Collimators


MLC QA software


Advanced QA Modules:

Modules for automatic portal image analysis for advanced MLC quality assurance

  • Elekta : 80 Leafs MLCi, 80 Leafs MLCi2, AgilityTM, BeamModulator®
  • Varian Medical Systems : Millennium™80 MLC, 120 MLC, HD120®MLC
  • Siemens Healthcare : 58, 82 leafs MLC, 160 MLC™
  • Brainlab : m3® High-Resolution MLC

Measured parameters:


  • Mechanical/Light axes matching
  • Jaws/MLC center alignment
  • Field size
  • Leafs and jaws positioning
  • Leafs alignement and orthogonality
  • Inter-leafs leakage, transmission and penumbra…

Modules are regularly developped for new phantoms (please contact us for the last updated list).