The first-ever exhaustive contouring evaluation solution

Accuracy, speed and consistency over time are the most important challenges in modern radiotherapy.

To hit tumors with high accuracy and efficiency, Targets and OARS needs to be precisely and consistently defined for planning.

Developed by experts in radiotherapy and medical imaging, ARTISTRUCT software enables you to precisely compare DICOMRT structures using objective and clinically-relevant criteria.

Now used in renown contouring workshops and clinical studies, ARTISTRUCT has become a reference software, for a structured QA of the contouring process and an invaluable tool to define consensus and build unique medical expertise.

Evaluate your contouring process
ARTISTRUCT is compatible with all imaging equipment, contouring workstation and Treatment Planning Systems (TPS). It enables you to analyze as many DICOM-RT contouring sessions as you may want.

ARTISTRUCT has been designed to perform the most demanding contouring QA such as:

Compare operators of a team, contours made using different imaging modalities or advanced contouring algorithms with user-defined gold standard, in order to increase contouring consistency in your department.

Evaluate any automatic contouring algorithm before clinical implementation and assess required corrections.

Graphically and scientifically compare contours

ARTISTRUCT includes the most advanced features enabling users to perform QA in the best possible conditions.

Superimpose contouring sessions on any kind of images: CT, MR, PET…

Compare contours to any user-defined reference contouring session.

Visualize overlapping areas to easily identify the areas of agreement/disagreement.

Compute well known and pusblished indexes such as Overlap Ratio or Dice Index, in 2D or 3D.

Export the results in MS Excel format for traceability.

Train and support your medical team
ARTISTRUCT is an irreplaceable solution to evaluate results of contouring designed by different physicians.

Our software is now widely used during medical teamwork (clinical training workshops, collaborative expertise, …) to compare clinical options and build consensus or expertise.

ARTISTRUCT has successfully supported dozens of workshops since its introduction.