Clinical Trials


Ensure your Clinical Trials Quality and Coordination

The success of these trials primarily relies on homogeneity of treatments and regular follow-up of participating centers in order to respond to protocols’ compliance. Realizing a Dummy-Run before inclusion, performing Individual Case Review or ensuring results traceability are decisive tasks highlighted in litterature [1], that are often difficult to implement.

With Share Place, it is possible to customize the process of each clinical trials, to facilite treatments’ analysis while ensuring security of exchanged data.

Today, thanks to our web-based platform Share Place, we are offering you a solution to manage your clinical trials and to make your tasks smoother.

Our company AQUILAB develops software solutions to improve quality and evaluation in medical imaging and radiotherapy and propose this dedicated platform to ensure coordination of multicentric clinical trials that deal with DICOM images and DICOM-RT objects (images, structures, doses).


Streamline and optimize the entire clinical trial workflow
This platform provides a very efficient way to save time and reduce overhead costs to clinical trial sponsors, investigators and experts thanks to a unique webbased architecture. Share Place allows for a complete control of the study: patient inclusion, document management, alerts, notifications, automatic pdf reports…

Develop a fully customized solution
Workflow, forms, reports, email notifications, reminders: Share Place offers unmatched customization possibilities, to fit any of your clinical trial requirements. Our team designs the most tailored solution for your organization in accordance with your requirements.

Ensure security, anonymization and total traceability
Share Place includes exclusive AQUILAB technology that ensures state-of-the-art encryption and security, automatic DICOM/DICOM-RT anonymization and robust capabilities to save, retrieve, and trace any data in a secured environment.

- local and automatic anonymization locale of DICOM/DICOM RT files before sending, guaranteeing confidentiality and security of your patients’ personal data,

- back-up and traceability of all operations performed on your patients.

Improve clinical trials consistency and reliability with our expert tools
Share Place seamlessly integrates AQUILAB advanced tools to analyze and review data of multicentric clinical trials. Experts import and review cases from Share Place in one click, directly from their browser.

ARTIVIEW, Medical imaging & radiotherapy treatment plans review

ARTIVIEW is a unique software package that allows experts to review, compare, evaluate and assess multimodality imaging and radiotherapy treatments. DICOM-RT plan can be analyzed with a broad library of dosimetric indexes, most of which comply with ICRU-83 Report.

ARTISTRUCT, Contours comparison & evaluation

Compatible with all imaging equipment, contouring workstations and Treatment Planning Systems (TPS), ARTISTRUCT gives your experts a powerful contouring evaluation tool to ensure the strict compliance of the contouring process with your trial requirements.

ARTISCAN, Diagnosis & Treatment devices QA

ARTISCAN is the reference software solution for equipment QA in Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine and Radiology. As an independent and automated solution, it fully integrates into your trial environment, and helps to ensure constant performance for each of your medical devices: a genuine guarantee for quality and accuracy of data in your clinical trials.

« At the beginning of our clinical trials, we had to exchange many paper documents, wasting time and accuracy.

Now, AQUILAB provides us with an efficient web solution and advanced QA tools that simplify and enhance data management. This solution enables our clinical studies to break new ground in pediatric radiotherapy and build a long-lasting reference database in oncology treatments. ”

Dr. Christian CARRIE, Radiation Oncologist, Lyon, France

Dr Valérie BERNIER, Radiation Oncologist, Nancy, France

AQUILAB Share Place is a genuine collaboration platform that gives medical expertise a novel dimension!

Our team stays at your disposal to discuss your project, please contact us to discuss your project.

1. Coskun et al. Quality assurance of radiotherapy in the ongoing EORTC 22042–26042 trial for atypical and malignant meningioma: results from the dummy runs and prospective individual case Reviews. Radiation Oncology, 2013, 8:23