The mission of AQUILAB is to provide solutions helping users improve their practices, better cope with their QA procedures and facilitate their exchange of data. AQUILAB has been present on the German market for 4 years and has several installations running.

This summer, AQUILAB initiated a reseller agreement with MGSI. This agreement will enhance our capacity to better consider the market requirements. With respect to is, specific tools were already developed. MGSI is new name in Medical Physics. Nevertheless, their leaders have already proven in past positions their capacity to serve and support German customers in the Radiation Therapy community.

This is a real chance for AQUILAB, MGSI and all German customers.

We invite you to visit the MGSI booth at the DGMP Wurzburg and take this opportunity to see all our solutions. In particular, we will present the new version of ARTISCAN. This release makes it a complete solution to manage all your QA obligations in extremely affordable financial terms.

I will be pleased to meet you in Wurzburg.

Patrick Budzinski,
Director International Sales

More information on MGSI :