David Gibon, PhD, President

David Gibon, with a training and scientific background, has devoted 10 years of his career to conduct research on topics related to the optimization of radiotherapy treatment and use of medical imaging in therapeutic procedures. He founded Aquilab in 2000 to develop products designed to exploit this research work and to participate in improving the quality of imaging and radiation treatment. He is President of the society and in charge of Research and Marketing activities.

Philippe Bourel, PhD, General Director

After a 10-year career in advanced electronic technologies, Philippe Bourel chose to join the scientific team in charge of technology transfer at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Lille. He was involved in projects for quality control in medical imaging and he founded AQUILAB with David Gibon in 2000. He is now the General Director in charge of developing the company and its subsidiaries.

Patrick Budzinski, Director Sales & Customer support

Patrick Budzinski has a 20 year experience in selling Healtcare solutions,This provided him with a detailed knowledge of healthcare professionals and stakeholders’ needs in this field. After a career in major companies of Radiotherapy sector, he joined Aquilab in 2010 to boost the business at international level.