IGRT Training

image_titre_trainingigrtPatient lying under a linear accelerator or linac for cancer radiation therapy
Patient positioning is a critical step for Image-Guided RadioTherapy treatments. A proficient use of registration tools provides technicians with autonomy and confidence, thus allowing an improvement security and quality of treatments.
Training objectives

  •  Understand IGRT stakes and the specific role of registration,
  •  Acquire good registration practices to optimize patients positioning
  •  Become an efficient actor in IGRT treatment and in technologic evolution approach of radiotherapy department


  •  IMRT & IGRT : basics, principles, stakes
  •  Irradiation volumes: définition of target volumes, physiology of OARs, practical consequences pratiques on registration
  •  Specific features for each type of tumors according to its localization

Practical application on clinical cases

  •  Heads on session for registration tools: 1 Workstation for 2 persons
  •  Tutorials: Registration per group and comparaison of registration shifts with the expert
  •  Discussion of results and evaluation by participants



DAY 2 optional

Basic Module
- Introduction : training unfolding, goals and content
- Reminders on IMRT-IGRT : principles & stakes
- Participants discussion on their professional practices
- Hands on the registration tool used during the tutorial 
H&N Tutorial Module
- Theory on H&N area and review of 2 practical cases
Pelvis Tutorial Module
- Theory on pelvic area and review of 4 practical cases


Brain Tutorial Module
- Theory on head area and review of 1 practical case
Abdomen Tutorial Module  
- Theory on Abdomen area and review of 2 practical cases
Lund Tutorial Module
- Theory on lung area and review of 2 practical cases 

AQUILAB organizes this training in collaboration with the organization Open Eyes: Dr Olivier De Hertog, physician radiotherapist, leads the training; AQUILAB application engineers ensure technical support. For more information on this education program, please contact us.

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