Halcyon QA

Halcyon™ QA in ARTISCAN

ARTISCAN is now compatible with Halcyon™ to manage advanced MLC and  Imaging QA

Isocenters QA

Halcyon™ QA Working group

A working group has been set up to fulfil users needs for quality assurance on this new equipment.
This group includes physicists from 3 centers using Halcyon™

Institut St Catherine (Avignon), Centre Oscar Lambret (Lille), ORLAM Group (Macon)

The first results of MLC Halcyon™ QA were presented during the 58th SFPM Scientific Days in June 2019.

Implémentation du Rapidarc Commissioning en routine clinique sur six machines Halcyon™ et analyses multicentriques avec le logiciel ARTISCAN™ (AQUILAB)

R. Selabi, ORLAM, Villeurbanne-Lyon-Macon

Link to presentation

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