ONCO PLACE – Clinical Trials

Our solution to improve Quality in Clinical Trials

Manage your clinical trials
Create your workflow
Optimize the quality of your data
Ensure the security of the project

AQUILAB Onco Place is a secured web-based platform dedicated to the review of images & RT treatment reviews and the management of clinical trials.

The success of such trials primarily relies on homogeneity of treatments and regular follow-up of participating centers in order to respond to protocols’ compliance. With Onco Place, it is possible to customize the process of your clinical trial and to facilitate treatments’ analysis, while ensuring security of the exchanged data.

Onco Place platform

Customize our platform to fit your needs in centralization of review of images, nuclear medicine and RT plans.

Centralized Analysis

Exchange your clinical data and images on a secure platform. Possible connexion to our ARTIVIEW software for image review.

Patient report outcomes

Customize your patient reports and set up automatic reminders. The patient can access to the platform using computers, tablets and smartphones.

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