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Management of the workflow and the anonymised sharing of DICOM and DICOM RT data within a trial and contouring/dose online teaching courses.

Including ARTWEB, AQUILAB's online visualization and contouring tool with a fully configurable interface (number of views, reconstruction, etc.).

Training courses in collaboration with Open Eyes, a company funded by radiotherapists mainly focused on teaching in IGRT & IMRT techniques

IGRT training which aims at teaching good practices of registration in order to optimize patients positioning


Onco Place is the AQUILAB by Coexya platform to efficiently Share and Analyze Imaging and Radiotherapy data in your clinical trials.

Onco Place is all-in-one solution, with unmatched customization possibilities, to fit any of your requirements. It provides an efficient way to improve coordination and ensure trial quality while saving time and reducing overall costs.

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Education Features

Online Contouring: Customized workflow, user’s roles, emails notifications, dashboards or queries management. Unmatched customization possibilities to fit any of your clinical trial requirements into a tailored solution.

Presentation & Evaluation : Management of all DICOM modalities (CT, MR, PET, NM…), DICOM RT files (Structures, Plans, Dose…), Videos or Photos. All files are automatically pseudonymized on local site before upload.
Connection to your eCRF to retrieve and analyze all data in Onco Place.



Our solutions are used for online contouring, but also for the presentation and evaluation of difference during onsite session

Training courses combine theory and practice to optimize and harmonize IGRT practices. Courses are provided on site in collaboration with radiation oncologists of the company Open Eyes.

Online or Onsite Review: Integrated ARTWEB viewer permits to visualize images online with a simple browser. Files can also be uploaded in our ARTIVIEW software, in any PACS or imaging station for review.
Our team of radiologists can also review and analyze your images.

Radiological response: Our solution evaluate global response based on all commonly used reading criteria, including RECIST, iRECIST or RANO.

Our team is available for more information about our products and services. Feel free to contact us!