ARTIVIEW, a fully collaborative solution for plan preparation and evaluation of radiotherapy treatments

One software of all imaging systems
One software for all your operating procedures
One software for all your teams
One software for all your exchanges

As an innovative, accurate, fullyfeatured and versatile solution, ARTIVIEW is pioneering a new generation of radiotherapy software.

ARTIVIEW includes all tools required for plan preparation (multimodality image fusion and contouring) and evaluation of your radiotherapy treatments.

ARTIVIEW is compatible with your existing equipment. Once integrated into your network, it enables optimal management of patient images and technical data.


Simplify image management :

  • All required tools for efficient image registration and contouring
  • Compatible with all TPS
  • Dedicate your TPS licenses to dose planning

Plan Check

An easy process in 4 steps :

  • Define templates
  • Review dose
  • Document treatments
  • Validate plan


Remote contouring and plan review are now easy and secured.

Make the clinic available anywhere, anytime.

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