Machine QA software for Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy

ARTISCAN is a software platform for complete and automatic Imaging and Machine QA in Radiation Oncology, Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine.

The modular design of the solution allows to easily perform and centralize all quality controls for any equipment. It ensures an overall independent traceability, even in the most heterogeneous platforms and complex technical facilities.

All in One solution for Machine QA

Complete solution for all modalities and equipments
A Simple 3-step automatic process
Compatible with all phantoms and QA equipment
A solution for all organisations and all needs

The solution is full compatible with major QA phantoms already available in centers. It is adapted to Radiology QA (CT, MRI, Radiography), Nuclear Medicine QA (SPECT, PET) or Radiotherapy QA (EPID, MLC, IGRT, Isocenters…).
It permits to centralize all data and results, organize QA workflow, automate image analysis and ensure conformity to norms and regulations in All in One QA solution.

For all Needs

A simple solution, a 3-step process

ARTISCAN Machine QA workflow

A solution for all Organisations

Radiation Therapy

RT modules are designed for full QA of Radiation Therapy equipment (EPID, MLC, IGRT, Isocenters…). They are adapted to major phantoms and test objects available in centres.

Nuclear Medecine

For Nuclear Medicine, NM modules permit full QA of all devices (SPECT, PET and hybrid devices). Automatic analysis of DICOM files provides efficient and reliable measurements of key parameters.


ARTISCAN modules are also available for the CT, MRI or Radiography QA. Compatible with major phantoms, ARTISCAN ensure full Imaging QA in All in One solution.

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