Webinar 20.11.2020 : Halcyon™ QA with ARTISCAN

Webinar 20.11.2020 : Halcyon™ QA with ARTISCAN

We are pleased to invite you to join our webinar on November 20 at 1:30 pm CET on :

Halcyon™ QA with ARTISCAN

Radiotherapy is a technology-driven treatment modality in the management of cancer. Techniques have changed significantly over the past few decades, with crucial role of imaging to provide more targeted treatment as well as online monitoring of tumor modification. These technological improvements make it necessary to provide adapted quality control of these new equipment.

As a result of the collaboration with the first Halcyon™ users in France, our ARTISCAN solution now includes all the functionalities allowing a full and independent quality control of the new Halcyon™ system.


1. Presentation of Halcyon™ features compared to conventional linacs

2. QA Tools provided with the Halcyon™ system

3. Dedicated ARTISCAN modules for advanced Halcyon™ QA

4. Q&A

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